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Manufacturer’s Representative and Distributor.
We are a Manufacturer’s Representative and Distributor.

We exclusively represent European and American manufacturers in Ireland, renowned for being the leaders in their fields.

The company was founded in January 2012. At QEC we actively seek out business opportunities and constantly strive to improve the manufacturer’s position in the Irish market.

Our success is based on open communication, offering unique solutions for our clients, which adds value for the consumer, and on our extensive industry network. QEC has successfully delivered projects in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, refining, power generation, power network and the food and beverage sectors in Ireland. With more than 15 years sales experience delivering multi-million euro projects QEC ensure that your product is a serious contender.

Why choose QEC

Recognised as a leader in supplying solutions, to niche markets. From high pressure metering and dosing Pumps, or precise mixing and dosing systems and skids, to centrifuges and perfusion systems including single use, to cable fault location and diagnostics as well as oil testers, bespoke valves and actuators.

Giving a personal service and access to specialised engineering manufacturing companies. Our team draws upon decades of experience to apply to any application.

At QEC we continue to expand our relationships with leading, world-class manufacturers to deliver products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations. We strive to continue as a leading distributor and service organization in our field. We are committed to long term growth and excellence through customer and supplier partnerships, creating value for all.

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Email: info@qec.ie
Phone: +1 234 567 89 10
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About QEC

Manufacturer’s Representative and Distributor of process equipment and systems into the following industries the pharmaceutical, biotech, Oil and Gas, power generation, power network and the food and beverage sectors in Ireland.

Phone: +353 1 4853088
Mobile: +353 87 7384425

Email: info@qec.ie